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MRC is the voice of Minnesota's rural communities.

What MRC Members Say...

"The MRC is a great little secret that needs to be shared. Our county was there in the beginning when we pushed back a one-size-fits-all wetland plan the governor, environmental, sportsmen and metro interests were pushing, and helped create the three-tiered system that has worked as a model ever since.”

Don Jensen, Pennington County

“Greater Minnesota is building a brand-new, world-class regional parks and trails system because the MRC fought the metro for the funding – and won. Groups like this deserve support.“

-David Kircher, Todd County Commissioner

“Metro area legislators and lobbyists participate in every meeting affecting rural areas at the legislature. Greater MN needs a group like MRC that watches rural county interests and fights for its priorities.”

-Jerry Dahl, Mahnomen County Commissioner

MRC 2014 Chairman

“MRC saved our county $102,000 annually, by freezing the Vulnerable Children and Adults Act formula that was harmful to so many rural counties – and put guarantees in place that the law could never be changed again without public review.”

-Anne Marcotte, Aitkin County Commissioner

“Recreation is a key part of the economy in our area. Before MRC went to work on it, metro and DNR interests were taking a full 86% of Legacy Parks and Trails funding, while the remaining 80 non-metro counties were forced to compete with metro counties for the remaining 14% . The MRC changed all that and we are now building a first-class regional parks and trails system in Greater MN, that is unequalled in any other state or province.”

-Jim Stratton, Douglas County Commissioner

MRC Chairman 2016 / 2017

“The MRC is making a difference for us – but it needs to grow. It doesn’t cost much to join in either time or effort and the returns have been significant.”

-Todd Schneeberger, Grant County Commissioner

MRC 2013 Chairman

The MRC is a little group that

does big things.

We hope you will consider joining 

our effort to make Greater Minnesota 

an even greater place to live.