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MRC is the voice of Minnesota's rural communities.

Transportation Funding

The MRC Transportation Message is Local Roads

The County State Aid Highway system is the backbone of the Greater Minnesota economy and the key factor to any successful local, regional or statewide economic development plan.

The MRC believes highway funding should be conducted with constitutionally dedicated funding from a statewide perspective utilizing long-term sustainable funding solutions.

The MRC supports significant new revenues to the Highway Users Tax Distribution Fund that could include statutorily dedicated transportation-related revenues.

The MRC supports shifting the revenues from the sales tax on auto parts to the Highway Users Tax Distribution Fund.

The MRC supports a ballot initiative to make the revenues from the sales tax on auto parts and from leased vehicle tax revenue constitutionally dedicated.

The MRC supports one-time surplus revenues to fund highway needs.

The MRC supports funding the Local Road Improvement Program through Capitol Investment at a level of at least $100 million annually in non-earmarked revenues.

The MRC supports at least $75 million in general obligation bonds for local bridge replacement and rehabilitation.

The MRC supports the creation of a large bridge projects fund for bridge projects above $5 million.

The MRC wants decision makers to know that local initiatives like the Wheelage Tax and Sales Tax initiatives are not options that offer relief to border counties or counties with low population and little retail sales base.

MRC supports transferring the first $32 million in Motor Vehicle Leased Sales Tax revenue to the Highway Users Tax Distribution Fund.

In the event that all counties are given local option sales tax authority for highways, MRC supports distributing all non-transit revenue from the motor vehicle lease sales tax through the highway user distribution fund.